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Gutter FAQ’s


As a full-service roofing and gutter company, our staff is well-skilled in all areas of “superior roofing” and “superior gutter” services whether you need new gutters, a new roof, or roof/gutter repairs we treat each project with the utmost professionalism.

“Gutters can help prevent costly home repairs” Superior Roofing and Gutters in Burlington, NC:

Clogged gutters can lead to expensive and hazardous repair issues, from leaky foundations to flooded basements. Superior Roofing and Gutters specializes in Gutter Installation, Gutter Repair, and even gutter guards, offering the best solution for your home and/or office. Our gutter system ensures smooth water flow and protection for your home and office foundation. 

Seamless rain gutters are just as the name implies – seamless. There isn’t a break in the gutter. Each piece of gutter added to your house is custom-made to the proper measurements and made onsite upon installation.

No Leaks: Sectional gutters have small spaces where water can start to leak. Over time, these leaks widen into holes, and holes will cause your gutters to rust or break. Seamless gutters lack the spaces where water can get through, preventing leaks from happening.

Custom Installation: Seamless gutters are designed to fit your unique home, with custom materials installed in custom lengths. This perfect fit means your gutters will be high-performing and efficient for your specific home’s needs. Superior Roofing and Gutters experts will design the ideal seamless gutter system to build the best defense against potential water damage.

Long-Lasting: Joints, seams, and other weak points are areas where the gutters start to degrade the fastest, due to debris buildup, water erosion, or other environmental factors. With seamless gutters, these weak points are eliminated, so you end up with gutters that will last longer and continue to maintain their quality year after year.

If the exterior of your house has mold or peeling paint, it could be a sign that your gutters need fixing or replacing. Snow and ice can build up within the gutters, causing damage or leaks to the home. Clogged downspouts and debris in gutters can cause them to pull away or sag from the home. They may not be pitched correctly, leaving standing water that attracts insects and mold. Other signs that the gutters may not be working correctly are cracks in the foundation of the house or water in the basement. Clogged gutters can cause water buildup, forcing it to overflow and causing water buildup around the foundation.

If you are unsure if you need to replace your current gutters, getting a gutter professional such as Superior Roofing and Gutters to assess the problem is the best step you can take to correct your problem.

  • Clogged or leaky gutters are major culprits for basement leaks, mold growth, and foundation issues.
  • Standing water in gutters serves as a common breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Worn-out gutters not only detract from your property’s curb appeal but also reduce its overall value.
  • Bent, dented, or detached old gutters may be beyond repair or adjustment.
  • If your seamed gutters are pulling apart or leaking, it’s time to consider a gutter replacement.
  • Changing the color of your gutters can refresh your property’s exterior appearance. Black gutters, white gutters, and copper gutters are all popular gutter color choices right now. 
  • In cases where your current gutter system’s drainage is insufficient, upgrading to a larger size gutter and downspout system may be necessary. Most properties feature 5-inch gutters with 2×3 downspouts, but we can install 6-inch gutters with 3×4 downspouts when needed. At Superior Roofing and Gutters we have a seamless gutter machine that can handle both 5-inch and 6-inch gutter projects. 

Yes, we do! Upon installation of your new seamless gutters, we will remove your old gutters and dispose of them for no additional charge. If you would like to keep them, please let our team know prior to your gutter installation day. 

To get a free gutter installation estimate give us a call or shoot us a text today! 336-693-4852. 

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